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This is a patched version of nginx, intended to allow the use of memcached
as an SSL session cache store. It's use is simple:
* Install the libmemcached (*not* libmemcache) library, including
development headers and symlinks, to somewhere system-reachable
* Configure/build/install nginx with the --with-memcache-ssl-session-store
* Set "ssl_session_cache memcached:<name>[:<host>[:<port>]]" in your nginx
config and reload the config
<name> is a prefix that will be applied to all SSL session IDs in the
memcached store, <host> is the hostname of the memcached server (default is
localhost), and <port> is the port of the memcached server (default is
If nginx complains that memcached: is an invalid configuration value, you're
not running an appropriately built nginx. Re-check your configuration, make
sure that MEMCACHE_SSL_SESSION_STORE is #defined in objs/ngx_auto_config.h,
and triple check that you've installed the rebuilt nginx.
Once you've done that, you should be able to load up SSL pages in your web
browser and see <name>:<sessionID> keys in the memcached store corresponding
to each of your cached SSL sessions. If you'd like to verify that the
sessions are being cached (by *something*, at least) use gnutls-cli -r -V
<webserver> | grep 'Session ID' and see that all three lines are the same.
SSL session expiry will be enforced using the value of the
ssl_session_timeout nginx config variable (default is 5m), applied using
memcached's internal key expiry mechanism. This should be fine in
production, but if you're looking for your session IDs in memcached and
don't see them, make sure that you're not waiting too long to look for them.
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