A little client for information services such as RSS-Feeds or Twitter written in Shoes.
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Infoes is a GUI client application that aims to get events into one timeline. So you see new RSS feeds alongside new Tweets. The name is intended to be little mixture of Information and Shoes (the GUI toolkit which this is build with) - so it's called Infoes!

Attention! Under development

infoes is totally under development and not even nearly ready to being used and I would strongly discourage from using it just now. However come and check back later!

Anyway: How to run this thing?

Well you need shoes.. no not the ones on your feet. You need [shoes] (http://shoesrb.com/), you can go ahead and [download] (http://shoesrb.com/downloads "Download shoes") it, however is done using shoes right from the [github repo] (https://github.com/shoes/shoes). Than simply open infoes.rb (the one in the main directory, not the one in the lib directory) with shoes.

shoes infoes.rb

A packaged version, which you can just run, will be available once this is in a releasable state. Or you could...

Know other cool services?

For now just support for RSS-Feeds and Twitter is planned (maybe Facebook) - but maybe I'll expand. If you got ideas please drop me a message or open an issue!