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@@ -24,6 +24,10 @@ Or,
24 24
25 25 include: [irb, ruby]
26 26
  27 +## Problems?
  28 +
  29 +Things not going the way you'd like? Try your command again with NOEXEC_DEBUG=1 set and create a ticket. I'll fix it right away!
  30 +
27 31 ## How does this work?
28 32
29 33 It adds a script to every execution of ruby via the RUBYOPT environment variable. Then, when you run ruby, it takes a look at your working directory, and every directory above it until it can find a `Gemfile`. If the executable you're running is present in your Gemfile, it switches to using that `Gemfile` instead (via `Bundle.setup`).

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