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Gem using :path gets passed over for regenerate binstubs #21

ebertech opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Andrew Eberbach Michal Papis
Andrew Eberbach

If a Gem is using the :path option in a Gemfile then it gets passed over when iterating through the specs

in regenerate_binstubs_command.rb, circa line 37

        cache_gem = File.join(org_gem_path, 'cache', spec.file_name)
        if File.exist? cache_gem
        # stuff
          puts "##{} #{spec.version} not found in GEM_PATH" # <--- no love

I don't think :path Gems get their spec copied to the cache... If I manually change the wrapper everything is peachy.

Michal Papis mpapis was assigned
Michal Papis

Could you please write a test for it? Have a look on existing tests here:

There should be a way to detect :git/:path gems correctly and also regenerate wrappers for them.

Andrew Eberbach

Okie, I gotta read up on DTF.

Andrew Eberbach

Test submitted.

Michal Papis

there was issue in bundler with :path gems, it should be fixed after this commit: bundler/bundler@c4b7cf3

as for regenerating gems from :path/:git - it might be not always possible, but I will think of something to make it work better

Michal Papis

after reconsideration, the :path / :git gems are out of standard rubygems flow, hooking into bundler seams to be to dangerous as there is no cache for specifications and the spec have to be provided by the gem source - this leads to a ruby code that is executed at runtime - I consider this myself harmful those it should not be allowed ... let me know if there is a safe way to make it working.

Michal Papis mpapis closed this
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