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Foreman is a gem released by Heroku that allows you to easily manage multiple processes with a Procfile. It ensures all processes launch successfully, colorizes output, and allows you to kill all processes with a simple CTL+C. It's simple and elegant.

Its not perfect however. For one, it doesn't handle running processes from a different directory. It also doesn't deal well with the complexity of running processes under a different RVM. You are probably thinking, "well, those aren't really Foreman's responsibilities". I agree with you. This gem fills that gap.


gem install subcontractor

or with bundler

gem 'subcontractor', '0.3.0'

The gem provides an executable called subcontract that you will use from your Procfile. You can see what it does by running subcontract --help

USAGE: subcontract [options] -- executable
    -r, --rvm RVM                    run in a specific RVM (use `.` for ruby from `PATH`)
    -d, --chdir PATH                 chdir to PATH before starting process
    -s, --signal SIGNAL              signal to send to process to kill it, default TERM

An example Procfile tells the story

rails: rails s
another_app: subcontract --rvm ruby-1.8.7-p249@another_app --chdir ../another_app --signal INT -- rails s -p 3001

Here another_app will be launch from the sibling directory another_app and will use the rvm ruby-1.8.7-p249@another_app. As you can see, the command that we wish to use to launch our application follows the double dashes (--).

You can also allow another_app to use its existing .rvmrc file

rails: rails s
another_app: subcontract --rvm "--with-rubies rvmrc" --chdir ../another_app --signal INT -- rails s -p 3001

Newer versions of RVM use a slightly different syntax for referencing the app .rvmrc file.

new_rvm_app: push: subcontract --rvm --with-rubies default-with-rvmrc do --chdir ../push --signal INT -- bundle exec rails server


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