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ConfigAutoMapper performs a basic mapping of configuration settings to plain-old CLR objects (POCOs). The emphasis is on simplicity.


This is how you can load a configuration object:

var mapper = new ConfigAutoMapper(new AppSettingsConfigSource());
var config = mapper.Load<AppConfig>();

Here is a sample configuration object:

public class AppConfig {
	public AppConfig() {
		// default values
		DataDir = "data";
		RetryCount = 5;

	public string DataDir { get; set; }
	public int RetryCount { get; set; }	
	protected string RawSiteId { get; set; } // field is mapped

	// not mapped, but depends on mapped field
	public string SiteId { get { return RawSiteId.Substring(0,5); } }

Below is a sample configuration file using the AppSettingsConfigSource. Note the "Config" suffix is automatically stripped out:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
		<add key="App.DataDir" value="mydata" />
		<add key="App.RetryCount" value="7" />
		<add key="App.RawSiteId" value="MySite_5312312" />


This currently fulfills my needs, but I could imagine adding more settings:

  • Allow configuring what ConfigSource to use for a configuration object.
  • Support nested configuration objects.
  • Collection support.
  • See if it is feasible to lean on AutoMapper.