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Giles - Watcher extraordinaire..

a continuous test runner for .NET applications. True to form, Giles will watch you kick ass, and let you know right away when you have made a mistake (intentionally or not).


giles.exe -s [path_to_solution]

Command Line Help:

Giles Options

s, SolutionPath Required. Path to the sln file

t, TestAssemblyPath Required. Path to the test assembly dll ( Optional, Giles will try to find the test assembly )

help Display this help screen.

Interactive Console:

While in the interactive console, press ? for a list of options:

Interactive Console Options: ? = Display options
C = Clear the window
I = Show current configuration
R = Run build & tests now
V = Display last test run messages B = Set Build Delay
Q = Quit

For more information and requirement to run Giles, please visit the wiki