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depget (experimental) - Install private modules from a file share registry

Want to manage your private dependencies but can't wait around for npm to add support? Don't want to go through setting up a replicated npm registry? Don't.

Depget lets you put your npm packages on a file share and reference them from your packages.json file. Depget is a stop-gap hack which requires you to install your private packages separate from other npm packages, but it works.

Referencing your private modules

First, install depget either globally or as a dependency:

npm install -g depget

Next, edit your packages.json file and add a privateDependencies hash. It tells depget the location of your private repositories and the dependencies you require from them:

  "privateDependencies": {
    "/path/to/private/packages": {
      "my_module": "~0.1.1"
    "/path/to/other/packages": {
      "my_other_module": "~0.1.1"

Finally, ask depget to pull down your modules by executing depget update.

Publishing your private modules

First, set the registry setting in your package.json to point at your private repository. Now, whenever you want to publish a new package, just execute the following from your module's root directory:

depget publish

This will generate an npm package using npm pack and copy it up to your registry. That's it. You can pass --force if you want depget to overwrite the same version of the package if it has already been pushed up to the registry.