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Urban Airship Kit Integration

This repository contains the Urban Airship integration for the mParticle Android SDK.

Adding the integration

  1. Add the kit dependency to your app's build.gradle:

    dependencies {
        compile 'com.mparticle:android-urbanairship-kit:5+'
  2. Follow the mParticle Android SDK quick-start, then rebuild and launch your app, and verify that you see "Urban Airship detected" in the output of adb logcat.

  3. Reference mParticle's integration docs below to enable the integration.

  4. If you wish to utilize Urban Airship's Push Messaging capabilities, please refer to the Push Message Considerations section below


Urban Airship integration

Push Message Considerations

The Urban Airship sdk come with a dependency for Google Play Services, version 9.8.0. since Google services often depend of Google Play Services, it is important to keep consistent versions across Google service dependencies. Please be sure to use the following dependencies for GCM or FCM services

compile ""
compile ''


Apache License 2.0

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