A project template for the Arduino platform written in pure C.
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Skeleton for an Arduino project (Based on deweerdt's skeleton project).


This project contains sources from the Arduino IDE v1.6.

How to

  1. Fetch the official Arduino IDE from arduino.cc: http://arduino.cc/en/main/software Untar the file to somewhere suitable (e.g. /home/user/arduino_ide)

  2. Install the following packages

    avr-libc avrdude binutils-avr gcc-avr

    This won't be needed if you want to re-use the binaries shipped with the IDE, in that case you may have to set your PATH environment variable accordingly.

  3. Checkout this repository: git clone git://github.com/deweerdt/arduino-uno-project.git

  4. Edit the Makefile file to suit your environment There are two variables that you will need to edit:

    • ARDUINO_HOME: the path where you untarred the IDE in step
    1. (e.g. /home/user/arduino_ide)
    • SERIAL: the path where your arduino listens on. If you don't know which one, try plugging and unplugging the board, and check how the files in /dev/ differ
  5. Edit the main.c file to suit your needs

  6. make and then make push


  • This has only been tested with the Arduino Uno board, and won't probably work as-is with other boards.
  • The Makefile supports three commands:
    • all: build and link the main binary
    • upload: upload the binary to the board
    • clean: remove the intermediary files