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Installation scripts for ODR-mmbTools

This folder contains install scripts that simplify the compilation and installation of the ODR-mmbTools


The debian.sh script is designed to be run on debian jessie, and installs

  • UHD
  • the fdk-aac library
  • ODR-mmbTools:
    • ODR-DabMux
    • ODR-DabMod
    • ODR-AudioEnc
    • ODR-PadEnc
    • auxiliary scripts

To use it, you have to:

  1. Install debian on your machine
  2. apt-get install sudo and give your user the right to use sudo
  3. download the script to your home directory
  4. make it executable with chmod +x debian.sh
  5. run it with ./debian.sh

GNURadio LiveCD

This gnuradio-livecd.sh script can be used to install the ODR-mmbTools onto the ubuntu live system offered by the GNURadio project. The following explanations were given by Tobias Wallerius:

The most convenient way for me was to use the official GNU Radio Live SDR Environment (Ubuntu based), as it already contains a full GNU Radio installation. I used version 2015-0623, but in the meantime 2015-0726 is available. Download the ISO image of your preference.

I wanted to be able to keep changes while running Linux from the USB drive, so casper was also a requirement. An easy way to achieve this is to use the Universal USB Installer to install the GNU Radio Ubuntu Image.

Installing the GNU Radio Live SDR Environment to a USB drive

  • Download the GNU Radio Live SDR Environment ISO image
  • Make sure your USB drive is connected to your machine
  • Start the Universal USB Installer executable
  • For Step 1, select "Ubuntu"
  • Select the ISO image in Step 2 with the Browse button
  • In Step 3, select your USB drive letter
  • With Step 4, make sure to enable persistence by selecting a file size for storage
  • Click Create

After the procedure finishes, you can reboot your machine from the USB drive.

Installing the ODR-mmbTools

After you have the Ubuntu live system running, download and execute the gnuradio-livecd.sh script:

  • Make sure your internet connection works
  • Download the modified gnuradio-livecd.sh install script from this post
  • Make it executable using chmod +x gnuradio-livecd.sh
  • On your console, start the install script with ./gnuradio-livecd.sh