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A run anywhere database anonymizer
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A run-anywhere, dependency-less database anonymizer.


Download the latest release from GitHub.


dbanon reads from stdin and writes to stdout.

mysqldump --complete-insert mydb | dbanon -config=myconfig.yml | gzip > mydb.sql.gz

The -config flag can use bundled configurations or point to the path of a custom configuration file.


Magento 2

dbanon bundles a default Magento 2 configuration file. However you almost certainly won't use it directly.

At minimum, you'll first need to run the map-eav subcommand. This translates EAV attribute codes to their respective attribute ids.

You must feed it a mysqldump of eav_entity_type and eav_attribute (in that order).

mysqldump --complete-insert mydb eav_entity_type eav_attribute | dbanon -config=magento2 map-eav > ~/magento2-mapped.yml

map-eav will replace the attribute codes in the config file with attribute ids and print an updated config to stdout.

Next you'd run dbanon with the config generated by map-eav.

mysqldump --complete-insert mydb | dbanon -config=~/magento2-mapped.yml | gzip > mydb.sql.gz

Most Magento 2 databases, however, will have additional data that needs to be anonymized beyond the default bundled file.

For this you'll first want to create a new configuration file based off the bundled configuration. Instructions on customizing the configuration file are included in the "Custom Configuration" section.

Custom Configuration

Specify the path to your config file via the -config flag

mysqldump --complete-insert mydb | dbanon -config=myconfig.yml | gzip > mydb.sql.gz

See the etc directory for examples.

Columns are specified as key / value pairs. The value string winds up getting passed to this function, which gets random values from dmgk/faker


  • Currently only supports MySQL
  • Currently requires mysqldump be run with --complete-insert flag.
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