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A hard fork of pygments-css with WCAG AA passing stylesheets.


When you're choosing a theme for your personal IDE feel free to choose whatever you'd like. But when you're publishing to the web, keep in mind that you're not the only one reading the code using the selected theme.

These high contrast themes pass WCAG AA's standards, making them more friendly to the large segment of the population with color vision deficiency.





View demos for all stylesheets here


Converting a stylesheet

Original pygments stylesheets are automatically converted by the tools/make-stylesheet Ruby script.

In order to convert a new stylesheet, first add the original to the original-stylesheets directory.

Next you'll need to install the gems make-stylesheet uses to convert the original. Do this from within the tools directory:

bundle install

Then invoke make-stylesheet, first passing it the path to the original stylesheet, followed by the destination location. Converted stylesheets should be placed in the root directory of the project.

./make-stylesheet ../original-stylesheets/new-stylesheet.css ../new-stylesheet.css

Updating the demos

After you've converted a stylesheet, you should update the demos on index.html. This page is dynamically generated by the tools/make-demos script.

At the top of the file, there's an array of stylesheet file names that are added to the demos...

demos = [

Add your stylesheet to the list.

Then invoke make-demos.


Now you can commit your changes and submit a pull request!