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Fireflies v2.08

This is an ancient project of mine that I decided to upload to github. I haven't even compiled it in a while, but I suspect it would take a bit of work.

For information on how to compile, read COMPILE.


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


New to 2.0 are modes. There are two types, per-swarm modes, and major modes. Per-swarm modes affect a single swarm (but two swarms may decide to switch to the same mode), while major modes affect the whole scene. They are activated with a certain probability, which is entirely relative. For example, if mode A has probability=1, and mode B has probability=5, that means mode B is 5 times as likely to occur as mode A. The mode numbers, names, and descriptions are as follows:

Per-Swarm modes: Normal mode (0) - normal swarm flight Stop mode (1) - the bait comes to a halt, and the flies circle in around it. Loop mode (2) - the bait travels in a loop, and the flies chase it. Psychadelic mode (3) - color cycling speed for this swarm is increased, and the tails look like rainbows. Glow mode (4) - the tails increase by glow_factor (an option). Hyperspeed mode (5) - the bait and flies get hyper, and increase speed and acceleration. Faded mode (6) - the colors fade

Major Modes: All-Swarm mode (0) - activate a per-swarm mode for all swarms. FlyKill mode (1) - kill a bunch of fireflies. FlyBirth mode (2) - create a bunch of fireflies. Windy mode (3) - wind speed increases. Matrix mode (4) - Matrix-style pause and rotate. Swarmsplit mode (5) - a random swarm is split in 2. Swarmmerge mode (6) - 2 random swarms are merged.

SDL standalone program:

If you have SDL, and you compiled fireflies with SDL support as a standalone program (as opposed to a screensaver), you can enjoy a few neat features (mostly there so I could test things, but what the hell, they're fun for all).

Mouse input:

  • Left-click and drag to move the camera left/right/up/down.
  • Right-click and drag up/down to zoom the camera in/out.
  • Hold control and Left-click and drag to rotate the camera about the origin.

Keyboard input:

  • q = quit
  • p = pause the screensaver (you can move the camera, but nothing else happens)
  • t = display elapsed time in seconds to the console window (this won't work in windows if you don't have a console window open)
  • up arrow = fast forward 2x
  • down arrow = fast forward 1/2x
  • right arrow = fast forward +1x
  • left arrow = fast forward -1x
  • 0-6 = activate major mode corresponding to that digit
  • shift + 0-6 = activate swarm mode corresponding to that digit
  • control + 0-6 = stop swarm mode corresponding to that digit