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Install Hugo:

On a mac:

brew install hugo

On Linux:

Clone this repo:

From wherever you checkout repos: git clone (or your fork)

Clone the theme submodule:

cd sagemaker-workshop

git submodule init ; git submodule update

Install Node.js and npm:

You can follow instructions from npm website:

Install node packages:

npm install

Run Hugo locally:

npm run server or npm run drafts to see stubbed in draft pages.

npm run build will build your content locally and output to ./public/

npm run test will test the built content for bad links

View Hugo locally:

Visit http://localhost:8080/ to see the site.

Making Edits:

As you save edits to a page, the site will live-reload to show your changes.

Auto Deploy:

Any commits to master will auto build and deploy in a couple of minutes. You can see the currently deployed hash at the bottom of the menu panel.

note: shift-reload may be necessary in your browser to reflect the latest changes.