Simple hour registration + invoice generator.
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Simple hour registration + invoice generator.

What makes us better than the competition (non-technical):

  • Audit trail, every change is recorded and easily revertable!
  • Always available, no internet? no problem!! The whole system runs from your own PC (if you want)
  • Searching for an old invoice? We got a powersearch, so finding it should be a breeze!
  • We're FAST, instantly loading pages :D
  • Completely free! (But if you pay 1EUR/month we'll give you backups)
  • Quick keys, you don't need to use your mouse all the time :)

What makes us better than the competition (technical):

  • we save all userdata as TOML-files onto the filesystem (human readable and possibly readable after corruption)
  • we commit changes to a local Git-repository (free version control of precious data with an audit-trail of changes)
  • we push/pull with remote GIT nodes on change (distributed accounting/easy backups)
  • we index everything (Bleve) so we got a power search!
  • we're good looking
  • we're FAST (average page loading time of 400ms!)
  • we're opensource (sourcecode is free, adjustable and we like contributions back)

Technical background

  • The backend is Golang/Bleve/Git
  • The frontend is ReactJS/TypeScript/Brunch (static-src)

1] contrib/desktop( invoiced ) 2] static

1] contrib/desktop Implements the desktop specific stuff and runs the invoice-daemon into a sub-process

2] static Is offered by invoiced and contains all HTML+CSS+JS that uses the invoiced API to build it's UI.

How to build


# Install NodeJS
# Install yarn (better npm)
cd static-src
yarn install
npm run dev


# Install go
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go build

Run (dev-mode)

./invoiced -v
open "http://localhost:9999/static"

Run (desktop-mode)

cd contrib/desktop
go build