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Materials Platform for Data Science: API

The API stands for the application programming interface, a way to get the MPDS scientific data automatically in a high-throughput manner for the machine analysis. The possible applications are high-throughput simulations, machine learning, and other data-intensive techniques in materials science.

MPDS: Materials Platform for Data Science

Here you will find:

All information here is freely available under the MIT and CC BY 4.0 licenses.

Login at the MPDS if you'd like to use this API with the open MPDS data:

  • cell parameters vs. temperature and pressure diagrams (about 6k entries)
  • all compounds containing both Ag and K (about 250 entries)
  • all binary compounds of oxygen (about 6k entries)
  • all data generated by machine-learning (about 900k entries)
  • all data generated by first-principles calculations

Contact us at if you'd like to use this API with the all MPDS data.