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Password hashing and verification for Node using the built-in crypto.pbkdf2 (HMAC-SHA1).

The number of iterations is fixed to 10,000. The salt is a randomly-generated 160-bit value. Both the salt and password hash are represented in base64 so the combined hash can be stored as a string and easily saved (e.g. to a database).


$ npm install pbkdf2-hasher


Both generating and verifying the hash take an async callback, because PBKDF2 is meant to take a significant time to process.

Generating a hash

var hasher = require('pbkdf2-hasher');
hasher.generate('mypassword', function(err, hash) {
    // `hash` has the format "algorithm$iterations$salt$hash".

Verifying a hash

var hasher = require('pbkdf2-hasher');
hasher.verify('mypassword', 'myhash', function(err, verified) {
    // `verified` is true or false.