Constraint solver based on abstract domains
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AbSolute is a constraint solver based on abstract domains. It implements the solving method presented in: "A Constraint Solver Based on Abstract Domains".

Contributors: Marie Pelleau, Ghiles Ziat, Alexandre Marechal, Antoine Miné, Charlotte Truchet. Supported by ANR CoVerif.

Solving example:

/* simple example with sinus and cosinus */
  real x = [-10;10];
  real y = [-5;5];

  y < (sin x) + 1;
  y > (cos x) - 1;

You can see other examples of problems in the problem directory


  1. From opam

First, add the following repository in your opam system

opam repo add absolute

Then, install the package absolute

opam install absolute
  1. From sources

A simple make will do the job.


For some reason, having both packages libapron and libapron-dev installed will make the building of absolute fail. Therefore, the easiest way to deal with apron is to install it with and only with opam :


./absolute problem

to display the list of options, type: ./absolute -help or ./absolute --help



AbSolute is currently still in developpement, and have not been fully tested. Feel free to post an issue or contact any member of the developpement team if you want to report a bug or suggest a feature.