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LZ4 compression for ptaoussanis/nippy
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Plugable LZ4 compression for Nippy.


It's quite straightforward, add nippy-lz4 to your dependencies, then import qbits.nippy-lz4 namespace and pass the compressor you want to use to nippy.

The available compressors are

  • qbits.nippy-lz4/lz4-compressor: the fastest default compressor
  • qbits.nippy-lz4/lz4hc-compressor: the high compression compressor


(use 'taoensso.nippy)
(require '[qbits.nippy-lz4 :refer [lz4-compressor lz4hc-compressor]])

(def compressed-data (freeze {:foo :bar} {:compressor lz4hc-compressor}))

(prn (thaw compressed-data {:compressor lz4hc-compressor}))

>> {:foo :bar}


nippy-lz4 is available on Clojars.

Add this to your dependencies:

[cc.qbits/nippy-lz4 "0.1.0"]

Please check the Changelog if you are upgrading.


Copyright © 2013 Max Penet

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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