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Clojure+Chronicle Queue 5 helpers
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cljdoc badge Clojars Project

Simple Chronicle Queue 5 helpers for clojure.

Micro second messaging that stores everything to disk

In short for when Kafka is too much and durable-queue not enough.

I'd encourage you read about Chronicle Queue if you want to use this lib, Chronicle Queue comes with its set of tradeoffs you want to know first.

Started with a fork of and ended up rewriting/dropping most of it, hence the rename.


tape is available on Clojars.


(ns foo
  (:require [qbits.tape.tailer :as tailer]
            [qbits.tape.appender :as appender]
            [qbits.tape.queue :as queue]))

;; create a queue instance
(def q (queue/make "/tmp/q1"))

;; create a tailer bound to that queue
(def t (tailer/make q))

;; nothing in queue yet, so nil
(tailer/read! t) => nil

;; to add to queue you need an appender
(def appender (appender/make q))

;; add stuff to queue, returns index
(appender/write! appender {:foo [:bar {:baz 0}]}) => 76759655514210
(appender/write! appender {:another :thing}) => 76759655514211

(tailer/read! t) => {:foo [:bar {:baz 0}]}
(tailer/read! t) => {:another :thing}
(tailer/read! t) => nil ;; empty now

;; back to some existing index, essentially rewinding to it
(tailer/to-index! t 76759655514210)


There's also a core.async facade for appenders/tailers on qbits.tape.async and other utilities to cleanup queues files you don't care about anymore. Anything created with a make function can be inspected with clojure.datafy/datafy.


Copyright © 2018 Max Penet

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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