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Gone fishin'
Gone fishin'


@finity-ai @mapredux @qbits @exoscale @juxt @clojurassic @smallrivers @hackersonmilk


Ian Y.E. Pan ianpan870102
CompSci + Finance, blockchain backend, Emacs hacker

Cupertino - Taipei - Hong Kong

Wilker Lúcio wilkerlucio
Writing parenthesis for a living.

@Roam-Research São Paulo, Brazil

Mathieu Corbin mcorbin
System administration, automation, development.

Exoscale Chartreuse, France

Radon Rosborough raxod502
Senior at Harvey Mudd College studying computer science. Interests include package management and Emacs, or both at once.

@plaid San Francisco, CA

Nate Smith nwjsmith
The biggest problem in computer science

@wealthsimple Toronto, ON

Moe Aboulkheir moea

Nervous Systems, Ltd. London

Nikolas Göbel comnik

relationalAI Switzerland

Maxim Fedorov max-au

WhatsApp Menlo Park, CA

Reid D McKenzie arrdem

@Twitter Boulder, CO

Dan Peddle dazld

@pitch-io Portugal

Christian Weilbach whilo
I am a computer scientist and have interests in critical theory and mathematics. I like to explore distributed systems and ML to improve social processes.

@lambdaforge Vancouver

Konrad Kühne kordano
CEO @ lambdaforge, specialised in information system engineering.

@lambdaforge Heidelberg, Germany

Olivier Bohrer obohrer
Data Engineer, gamer, rider and passionate about technologies #clojure & distributed systems.

London, UK

Juan Facorro jfacorro

@klarna Stockholm, Sweden

Alex Miller puredanger
Clojure maintainer at Cognitect. Creator of Strange Loop, Clojure/west, and Lambda Jam conferences. Co-author of Programming Clojure and Clojure Applied.

Cognitect St. Louis, MO

Malcolm Sparks malcolmsparks
Founder of JUXT, a Clojure consultancy in the UK. See @juxt for our more recent repos.

JUXT Milton Keynes

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pyr
CTO & co-founder @exoscale

Exoscale Lausanne, Switzerland

Derek Troy-West d-t-w
Founder, CEO, Programmer.

@operatr-io @troy-west Melbourne, Australia

Anton Lavrik alavrik

Mountain View, CA

Lucas Bradstreet lbradstreet
Software Engineer at @confluentinc

@confluentinc Seattle

Colin Taylor coltnz

SMX Ltd Auckland, New Zealand

Patrick Meyer pmeyer69

Arcadyx Bevaix, Switzerland

Nicola Mometto Bronsa
Working at, building algorithmic verification tools in ocaml using formal methods. @clojure core contributor, contrib author

@AestheticIntegration London

Steve Purcell purcell
Haskell/Emacs enthusiast, startup and software team builder.

Wellington, New Zealand

Sébastien Fievet zyegfryed
Python/Clojure/DevOps enthousiast

@exoscale Genève

David Jacot dajac

@confluentinc Switzerland

Kevin Lynagh lynaghk

Keming Labs Oakland, California

Sergio Bossa sbtourist

DataStax London, United Kingdom

Nurullah Akkaya nakkaya Turkiye

Dave Ray daveray

Netflix In the Redwoods, CA

Chris Houser Chouser

Johan Tibell tibbe

Google Inc. Zurich, Switzerland

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