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Bot to Repost YouTube Videos to LiveLeak

Sparked by an idea from this thread.

Also see /r/redditliveleakbot.


On top of Python 2.7 and its default libraries, you need the following libraries:

You also need youtube-dl.

You can install these with:

pip -r requirements.txt

Update youtube-dl to the latest version:

sudo youtube-dl -U
sudo youtube-dl


Edit the configuration file and save it as rlb/conf/config.yml. You can use rlb/conf/config.yml.sample as a base.


First, create an empty database with:

python bin/ db.sqlite3

Set the absolute path to this database in rlb/conf/config.yml.

The bot runs in two modes: monitor and purge.

PYTHONPATH="." bin/ monitor

In monitor mode, the bot goes through subreddits and picks out submissions with links to YouTube. It downloads the videos and registers them in a database. If also checks if videos that are already present in the database are still available through YouTube, and if they're not, reposts them to LiveLeak.

PYTHONPATH="." bin/ purge

In purge mode, the bot deletes videos that have been in the database for a specific amount of time (to save disk space).

Note that the bot will not keep running after it completes its particular task. To have it run periodically, use something like cron. For cron, the following line will monitor every hour and purge every week, respectively:

0  * * * * cd /path/to/bot && PYTHONPATH="." bin/ monitor
55 * * * 0 cd /path/to/bot && PYTHONPATH="." bin/ purge


For testing, you need nose and mock. You can install these with:

pip install -r requirements-test.txt

To run the unit tests:

nosetests rlb

To see unit test coverage:

nosetests . --verbose --with-coverage --cover-html --cover-package=rlb

There is one test that isn't run as part of the command above, since it actually uploads a video to LiveLeak, consuming the upload quota. To run that test:

nosetests rlb/test/

Once the tests completes, confirm that the video (rlb/test/foreman_cif.mp4) uploaded correctly, and then delete it so the LiveLeak admins don't have to do it for you.


Monitor a subreddit for linked YouTube videos, repost those videos to LiveLeak



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