Russian keymap for ViM, using a physical Japanese keyboard
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This is a keymap file for ViM. It allows you to enter Russian characters in insert mode, using a layout that is similar to the "standard" Russian keyboard layout. When you leave insert mode, the Russian keymap is deactivated, so you can issue ViM commands using regular keystrokes. It's similar to the built-in russian-jcukenwin keymap, except this keymap works for Japanese keyboards. This file is based on the russian-jcukenwin.vim.

Main differences with a "standard" Russian keyboard layout:

  • Shifted position of parentheses. Shift+8 gives (, Shift-9 gives ). I had to do it this way because Shift+0 and 0 apparently send the same keycode for some reason.
  • There is a surplus key at the end of the first (QWERTY), second (ASDF) and third (ZXCV) rows, since the Japanese keyboard has physically more keys.

If I've missed anything, please make a pull request.


mkdir -p ~/.vim/keymap
cp russian-jcuken-jp.vim ~/.vim/keymap


To activate, enter this ViM command:

:set keymap=russian-jcuken-jp

To deactivate:

:set keymap=