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mod_mbox is a mailing list archive browser. Functionality includes:
* A dynamic browsing interface, using AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML)
* A flat, Javascript-less interface, using static XHTML
* Mail attachments and MIME parts viewing and downloading
Minimum requirement for build is httpd 2.3.15 and apr-util compiled with iconv.
Build requirements (such as apxs) may be provided by Linux distributions as
'apache2-dev' or 'apache2-devel'.
To build:
$ scons APXS=$(which apxs)
You may also give an install prefix like so:
$ scons APXS=$(which apxs) prefix=path/to/prefix
To install:
Add the following to your httpd config file:
LoadModule mbox_module /path/to/
See for more details.
For more information about mod_mbox and documentation, please visit the
mod_mbox website at <>.
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