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Session store not working 3.2.11 #325

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I have the following code in my production.rb file but every time i load the page it regenerates the session.

 config.cache_store = :dalli_store, ENV['MEMCACHE_SERVERS'],
    { namespace: "_cache", compress: true, raise_errors: true,
      username: ENV['MEMCACHE_USERNAME'], password: ENV['MEMCACHE_PASSWORD'] }

  config.session_store :cache_store

Rails 3.2.11


I am noticing similar issues after upgrading to rails 3.2.11. Are there known issues with rails 3.2.11, memcache, dalli, and heroku?


what version of dalli are you using?


My Gemfile says
gem 'dalli'

and my Gemfile.lock files says
dalli (2.6.2)


Same issue here:

  • Dalli 2.6.3
  • Rails 3.2.12

We experience same behavior (a new sid being generated on every request) using either ActionDispatch::Session::CacheStore and ActionDispatch::Session::DalliStore (after require action_dispatch/middleware/dalli/cache_store)

Any idea?


what is your memcached version?


if you are experiencing this when using Rails' CacheStore, that probably means it's not dalli. Also, I think you have a type because there is no such thing as action_dispatch/middleware/dalli/cache_store


oh I see, your Rails.cache is set to use dalli. Have you tried memcache-client?


Regarding the original issue, config.session_store :cache_store makes no sense to me. Please review the readme for directions on how to set up session store to use Dalli.

If others have problems, please open separate issues with your own config so we can help diagnose.

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