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A repository for EventMachine (or anything based on EventMachine) examples and so much more!

Because the event-driven programming model is so different to 'normal' programming, good examples are critical to learning how to solve problems the 'event' way.

Got a non-trivial example? Please submit it to me for inclusion. It should integrate more than one event-driven subsystem; no more 10 line echo server examples! They are junk and don't teach much beyond a 30 second overview.

I'd like to see examples of calling:

  • 3rd party web services
  • database (mysql or postgresql)
  • memcached
  • message queue processing



A Thin-based thumbnail service which transparently pulls original images off S3 and thumbnails them according to URL parameters.


A SQS-based message queue processor. Qanat will process up to 10 messages concurrently.

Sidenote: Qanat is one of the few official Scrabble words which does not contain a U. It is the Arabic word for an underground irrigation canal.


An eventmachine-aware version of MiniMagick which uses the EM.system call to increase performance.

Your Host

Mike Perham, mperham AT

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