Global Configuration

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Global configuration resides in /etc/inspeqtor/inspeqtor.conf.

Alert Routes

An alert route tells Inspeqtor how to alert you. The generic syntax looks like this:

send alerts via $CHANNEL with $KEY $VALUE, $KEY $VALUE
  • CHANNEL - Inspeqtor supports two channels: email and gmail. gmail is just an alias for email which automatically fills in Google's SMTP setup for you.
  • KEY/VALUE - allow you to configure various elements of the email configuration

NB: Values with double quotes or commas in them should be quoted: with password "12jk1!,@#2\"123"


send alerts via gmail with 
  username, password foobarBaz, to_email


send alerts via email with 
  username bubba, password "correct horse battery staple", smtp_server, to_email, tls_port 587

Set tls_port if your mail server uses a non-standard TLS port.

You can also use plain SMTP on port 25 without authentication:

send alerts via email with 
  smtp_server localhost, to_email


Use set $KEY $VALUE to twiddle various knobs that Inspeqtor exposes.

# a deploy will timeout after this many seconds
set deploy_length 300

# controls the log verbosity
set log_level info


Inspeqtor logs to STDOUT only. The output location is distro-dependent; on Ubuntu it is /var/log/upstart/inspeqtor.log. On CentOS 7, inspeqtor logging goes to /var/log/messages.

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