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Inspeqtor is not a unique snowflake, there are other packages that do similar things. Why did I build Inspeqtor if these things already exist?


Inspeqtor is influenced by monit but is designed for application engineers. I used Monit for the last 5 years to monitor server applications and it's the only thing that does what I want in an efficient, reliable package but has several shortcomings:

  • Does not understand the concept of a "deploy" where things are changing so it sends a lot of email for normal changes, leading to alert fatigue
  • Running several operations in a row can arbitrarily fail: monit: action failed -- Other action already in progress -- please try again later
  • Wants to start/stop daemons itself and spams you with email every time. The init system should start/stop your daemons.
  • A lot of unnecessary features which aren't useful for application engineers


Collectd is designed to collect machine and process metrics and pipe them to a central aggregator, it was not designed to monitor metrics. Rules were added well after the project started and are written in a weird "pseudo-XML" format:

   <Host "hostname">
     <Type "cpu">
       Instance "idle"
       FailureMin 10

The same rule in Inspeqtor:

check host
  if cpu:idle < 10% then alert

I hope Inspeqtor's rules are simple to configure and easy to read by comparison.

God, Bluepill, Eye, Supervisord

All of these tools require a Ruby or Python stack. This adds complexity and more moving parts which can fail. Inspeqtor is a single, standalone binary.

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