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@@ -1,4 +1,11 @@
-= Unreleased
+= 1.6.0
+* First official release since 1.5.0. Thanks to Eric Hodel for turning the project to me!
+* Implement socket timeouts, should fix rare cases of very bad things happening
+ in production at 37signals and FiveRuns. (jseirles)
+* New project home page:
* Implement a consistent hashing algorithm, as described in libketama.
This dramatically reduces the cost of adding or removing servers dynamically
@@ -7,7 +14,7 @@
Take a scenario where we add a fourth server. With a dumb modulo algorithm, about
25% of the keys will map to the same server. In other words, 75% of your memcached
content suddenly becomes invalid. With a consistent algorithm, 75% of the keys
- will map to the same server as before - only 25% will be invalidated.
+ will map to the same server as before - only 25% will be invalidated. (mperham)
@@ -1,21 +1,20 @@
= memcache-client
-This is the FiveRuns fork of seattle.rb's memcache-client 1.5.0. We've fixed several bugs
-which are in that version.
+A pure ruby library for accessing memcached.
Rubyforge Project:
== Installing memcache-client
Just install the gem:
- $ sudo gem install fiveruns-memcache-client --source
+ $ sudo gem install memcache-client
== Using memcache-client
@@ -28,21 +27,20 @@ Or with multiple servers:
CACHE = %w[],
:namespace => 'my_namespace'
-See for details.
+See for details. Please note memcache-client is not thread-safe
+by default. You should create a separate instance for each thread in your
-=== Using memcache-client with Rails
+== Using memcache-client with Rails
-Rails will automatically load the memcache-client gem, but you may
-need to uninstall Ruby-memcache, I don't know which one will get
-picked by default.
+There's no need to use memcache-client directly from Rails. Rails 2.1+ includes
+a basic caching library which can be used with memcached. See ActiveSupport::Cache::Store
+for more details.
-Add your environment-specific caches to config/environment/*. If you run both
-development and production on the same memcached server sets, be sure
-to use different namespaces. Be careful when running tests using
-memcache, you may get strange results. It will be less of a headache
-to simply use a readonly memcache when testing.
+== Questions?
-memcache-client also comes with a wrapper called Cache in memcache_util.rb for
-use with Rails. To use it be sure to assign your memcache connection to
-CACHE. Cache returns nil on all memcache errors so you don't have to rescue
-the errors yourself. It has #get, #put and #delete module functions.
+memcache-client is maintained by Mike Perham.
+Twitter: mperham
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@ do |s| = 'memcache-client'
- s.version = ''
+ s.version = '1.6.0'
s.authors = ['Eric Hodel', 'Robert Cottrell', 'Mike Perham'] = ''
- s.homepage = ''
+ s.homepage = ''
s.summary = 'A Ruby-based memcached client library'
s.description = s.summary

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