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# /etc/init/sidekiq.conf - Sidekiq config
# This example config should work with Ubuntu 12.04+. It
# allows you to manage multiple Sidekiq instances with
# Upstart, Ubuntu's native service management tool.
# See workers.conf for how to manage all Sidekiq instances at once.
# Save this config as /etc/init/sidekiq.conf then mange sidekiq with:
# sudo start sidekiq index=0
# sudo stop sidekiq index=0
# sudo status sidekiq index=0
# or use the service command:
# sudo service sidekiq {start,stop,restart,status}
description "Sidekiq Background Worker"
# no "start on", we don't want to automatically start
stop on (stopping workers or runlevel [06])
# change to match your deployment user
setuid deploy
setgid deploy
respawn limit 3 30
instance $index
# this script runs in /bin/sh by default
# respawn as bash so we can source in rbenv
exec /bin/bash <<EOT
# use syslog for logging
exec &> /dev/kmsg
# pull in system rbenv
export HOME=/home/deploy
source /etc/profile.d/
cd /opt/theclymb/current
exec bin/sidekiq -i ${index} -e production -C config/sidekiq.yml -P tmp/pids/sidekiq-${index}.pid
end script
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