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Welcome to Sidekiq 6.0!

Sidekiq 6.0 contains some breaking changes which streamline proper operation of Sidekiq. It also drops support for EOL versions of Ruby and Rails.

What's New

This release has major breaking changes. Read and test carefully in production.

  • ActiveJobs can now use sidekiq_options directly to configure Sidekiq features/internals like the retry subsystem. Prefer the native Sidekiq::Worker APIs as some Sidekiq features (e.g. unique jobs) do not work well with AJ.
class MyJob < ActiveJob::Base
  queue_as :myqueue
  sidekiq_options retry: 10, backtrace: 20
  def perform(...)
  • Logging has been redesigned to allow pluggable formatters and several formats ship with Sidekiq:
    • default - your typical output on macOS
    • heroku - enabled specifically when running in Heroku
    • json - a JSON format for search indexing, one hash per line

Sidekiq will enable the best formatter for the detected environment but you can override it by configuring the log formatter explicitly. See 'sidekiq/logger' for implementation details.

Sidekiq.configure_server do |config|
  config.log_formatter =
  # config.log_formatter =

Please see the Logging wiki page for the latest documentation and notes.

  • Remove the daemonization, logfile and pidfile command line arguments and sidekiqctl binary. I've noted for years how modern services should be managed with a proper init system. Managing services manually is more error-prone, let your operating system do it for you. systemd, upstart, and foreman are three options. See the Deployment wiki page for the latest details.
  • Validate proper usage of the REDIS_PROVIDER variable. This variable is meant to hold the name of the environment variable which contains your Redis URL, so that you can switch Redis providers quickly and easily with a single variable change. It is not meant to hold the actual Redis URL itself. If you want to manually set the Redis URL then you may set REDIS_URL directly. [#3969]
  • Increase default shutdown timeout from 8 seconds to 25 seconds. Both Heroku and ECS now use 30 second shutdown timeout by default and we want Sidekiq to take advantage of this time. If you have deployment scripts which depend on the old default timeout, use -t 8 to get the old behavior. [#3968]
  • Rails <5 is no longer supported. Rails 6+ only works in zeitwerk mode.
  • Ruby <2.5 is no longer supported.
  • Redis <4 is no longer supported.


As always, please upgrade Sidekiq one major version at a time. If you are already running Sidekiq 5.x, then:

  • Upgrade to the latest Sidekiq 5.x.
gem 'sidekiq', '< 6'
  • Fix any deprecation warnings you see.
  • Upgrade to 6.x.
gem 'sidekiq', '< 7'
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