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Welcome to Sidekiq Pro 5.0!

Sidekiq Pro 5.0 is mainly a cleanup release for Sidekiq 6.0. The migration should be as close to trivial as a major version bump can be. Note that Sidekiq 6.0 does have major breaking changes.

What's New

  • New localizations for the Sidekiq Pro Web UI: ES, ZH, PT, JA, RU
  • Removed deprecated APIs and warnings.
  • Various changes for Sidekiq 6.0
  • Requires Ruby 2.5+ and Redis 4.0+
  • Requires Sidekiq 6.0+.


  • Upgrade to the latest Sidekiq Pro 4.x.
gem 'sidekiq-pro', '< 5'
  • Fix any deprecation warnings you see.
  • Upgrade to 5.x.
gem 'sidekiq-pro', '< 6'
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