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Note workers API change

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commit 47ec731a3f85e38191c83d4e0a4c973b8ae002c1 1 parent a4259c9
@mperham authored
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@@ -6,10 +6,12 @@ changes a few data elements in Redis. To upgrade cleanly:
* Upgrade to the latest Sidekiq 2.x and run it for a few weeks.
`gem 'sidekiq', '< 3'`
This is only needed if you have retries pending.
-* Remove any usage of the following APIs:
+* API changes:
- `Sidekiq::Client.registered_workers` replaced by ``
- `Sidekiq::Client.registered_queues` replaced by `Sidekiq::Queue.all`
- `Sidekiq::Worker#retries_exhausted` replaced by `Sidekiq::Worker.sidekiq_retries_exhausted`
+ - `Sidekiq::Workers#each` has removed the third block argument `worker, msg, started_at`
+ since it was redundant with `msg['run_at']`
* Redis-to-Go is no longer transparently activated on Heroku so as to not play
favorites with any particular Redis service. You need to set a config option
for your app:
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