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base fork: mperham/sidekiq
head fork: zzip/sidekiq
compare: master
Commits on Mar 11, 2012
Dale Hofkens zzip Update lib/sidekiq/capistrano.rb f814704
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
Mike Perham If possible, shutdown asap rather than waiting the full timeout #69 5ff3e87
Dale Hofkens zzip check if pid file exists for quiet and stop tasks dfbf8d5
Dale Hofkens zzip fix sidekiq:start task so it works without default_options[:pty] = true 29382a9
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
Mike Perham More actor safety checks, #53 a51803b
Mike Perham Prepare for release 004ad5a
Mike Perham RedisConnection was only ever creating one Redis connection, even whe…
…n pooled. Oops.
Mike Perham typo 3d8eec4
Mike Perham Upgrade to connection_pool 0.9.0
Remove all connection_pool usage of method_missing.
Change Sidekiq.redis API to require a block.
Jesse Cooke jc00ke Explicitly set logger level. Fixes #79
be1ef57 removed set_logger_level_to_debug but neglected to make the
change in parse_options for the -v flag.
Mike Perham Update todo 49f712d
Mike Perham Web UI bug fixes, 0.9.1 [fixes #81] ba1c3af
Mike Perham Test suite cleanup d7c237f
Mike Perham HOT new automatic retry feature. Needs testing. 127a1f3
Mike Perham initial retry testing 69aae98
Mike Perham Simplify middleware testing dd7461f
Mike Perham Test cleanup f0b4ea2
Mike Perham Add retries data to Web UI 21496c2
Jesse Cooke jc00ke Use ENV var for coverage
This will lessen the chance of mistakenly committing with that branch
set to true.
Mike Perham Fix redis database URLs to use numeric indexes, #83 cf68d4c
Mike Perham unnecessary d700b04
Jesse Cooke jc00ke Updating chef recipe
Pulled in some updates from the project that spawned the cookbook.
Mike Perham Require rails 3 45d669e
Mike Perham Fix race condition in unique job lookup, #87 4acc3cf
Ryan LeCompte ryanlecompte avoid intermediate array creation 1517e53
Jesse Cooke jc00ke Removing old Celluloid hack 7c4f0e6
Dale Hofkens zzip merge upstream fb24680
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