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Allow to use Socket instead of TCP #228

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Is it possible to allow Sidekiq to use Redis with Socket?
Redis-rb allows to use socket like this:

redis = => "/tmp/redis.sock")

The benchmarks at redis site shows that using sockets yields up to 50% performance improvements.

Extracted from

"When the server and client benchmark programs run on the same box, both the TCP/IP loopback and unix domain sockets can be used. It depends on the platform, but unix domain sockets can achieve around 50% more throughput than the TCP/IP loopback (on Linux for instance). The default behavior of redis-benchmark is to use the TCP/IP loopback."

Another reason is that using TCP you will see a lot of connections in wait/close state, such as:

# netstat -na | grep 6379

tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT

(edited: not twice as fast, but 50% faster)


Currently it is not possible because Sidekiq::RedisConnection.build_client explicitly builds with a :url. I'm not sure if we'd accept a patch for sockets because they are only accessible locally. @mperham would have to give his blessing.


right, but I think both build_client and create methods can be easily modified to accept either a URL or PATH on the options.

I will do some experiments on my fork.


Real world systems would need to scale Sidekiq to lots of machines before Redis networking overhead becomes a problem. Since Unix sockets only work on localhost, this is not an worthwhile feature.

@mperham mperham closed this

I want to use sockets because it's just simpler in some cases. You don't have to worry about used ports and it's easier to setup a local redis installation which is just installed in the Rails application folder for simplicity. Currently i have the problem that i want to run two instances of the same Rails application on the same server, the production environment and a staging environment. With sockets it would be possible to use one redis configuration file and just use a relative path for the redis server socket. Right now i have to use two redundant redis configuration files to prevent conflicts with the redis server port. What do you think?


Sidekiq defers all connection management to the Redis driver now that we just use the :url parameter. I think you can use Unix sockets with it, just figure out the correct URL, maybe this?

config.redis = { :url => 'unix:/tmp/redis.sock' }

You are right, that works. Sorry, I should have thought of that.

For me that's fine, but with the :url parameter you can only set the path. That way it's not possible to set for example the database id for a unix socket connection.

Why don't you just pass the options hash for the Sidekiq Redis connection to the real Redis connection?


When I started with sidekiq I also expected there to be a way to pass the options down to the redis driver. Adding a support for that gets my vote but let's see what @mperham says. @tmak regardless of where sidekiq goes it could be a worthwhile addition to redis-rb to support urls like unix:///foo/bar?db=1 for unix sockets.


I had to fix the permissions on the socket file
I added access for everyone to read and write:

chmod o+rw /var/run/redis/redis.sock

Assuming the server is secured and isolated.

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