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Slim error(Option :outvar is not supported by Slim::Engine) #411

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Clean install of rails.
Followed sidekiq install instructions.
Jobs are set and run correctly.
However, I am unable to access the monitoring Sinatra application. I get the following error:

"ArgumentError at /sidekiq/
Option :outvar is not supported by Slim::Engine
file: options.rb location: block in default_options line: 16"

What am I missing?


it's because of slim 1.3.1 release
if you use slim - 1.3.0, works fine


I was getting this error when hitting the index page. Reverting slim to 1.3.0 resolved this issue too.

11:59:38 web.1    | NoMethodError - undefined method `join' for #<String:0x007fafa6d55ce8>:
11:59:38 web.1    |     /Users/kamui/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194@app/gems/sidekiq-2.3.2/web/views/index.slim:11:in `evaluate_source'

These are Slim issues, not Sidekiq.

@mperham mperham closed this

Yep, thanks guys. That fixed it.
Wiki should probably be updated to reflect.


was looking for that whole day, no search results for NoMethodError - undefined method join' ehh


This is fixed in Slim 1.3.2 and temple 0.5.4. Can you please confirm that?


Just updated Slim(1.3.2). It does seem to be fixed.

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