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Testing sidekiq at Sidekiq::Client level #713

NielsKSchjoedt opened this Issue · 3 comments

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NielsKSchjoedt Mike Perham João Daniel

Is it just me, or wouldn't it be better to have this implemented at the Sidekiq::Client level instead ?

Think about the situation where you call Sidekiq::Client.push in your code - or just use the resque compatibility helpers...

Mike Perham

Yeah, we should probably just have testing helpers which override Sidekiq::Client.raw_push. The Client impl has been refactored over the last year - it wasn't totally stable - so this is possible now. Probably something for Sidekiq 3.0 since I'm sure it will break some people's testing code.

João Daniel

@NielsKSchjoedt did you write some code in this direction? I'm having problems to retrieve :jid from client_push method override by sidekiq/testing. It always returns true.


No sorry, I didn't :-(

Mike Perham mperham closed this issue from a commit
Mike Perham Update sidekiq/testing to execute almost all of the client api, fixes #…

This should ensure tests reproduce a maximum amount of the implementation details that you'll see in production.
Mike Perham mperham closed this in 07a2781
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