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What are Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise?

Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise are extensions to Sidekiq which add more functionality and provide additional support options for customers.

Is there a trial version?

There's no free trial but we do offer a 14 day period with full refund if it does not work for you.

Can I get a discount?

I'm sure you're very nice but no. Everyone pays the same price.

What is the license?

See COMM-LICENSE in the root of the Sidekiq repo.

How does Pro licensing work?

Every organization running Sidekiq Pro on its own servers must have a license. There's no limit to the number of servers or environments used by that organization.

How does Enterprise licensing work?

Every organization running Sidekiq Enterprise on its own servers must have a license. The price is based on the number of worker threads running in production environment in processes using the Sidekiq Pro or Sidekiq Enterprise gems. You can use Sidekiq Enterprise with any number of apps and processes and machines as long as their total worker thread count in production is <= the licensed amount. Development and staging environments are free and unlimited.

If you wish to expand your Sidekiq Enterprise thread count beyond your current license, email so we can update your account and let you know how we will bill you.

A site license (unlimited usage for your organization) for Sidekiq Enterprise is available for $60,000/yr. Please email to purchase.

What happens if my subscription lapses?

You must have an active subscription to run Sidekiq Pro or Enterprise. After a one week grace period, you'll lose access to the gem server and priority support. You won't get any more updates or bug fixes and 'bundle install' won't work anymore.

Sidekiq Enterprise customers paying via invoice have 14 days to pay their bill.

How do I buy Sidekiq Enterprise?

Fill out the quote form with your info. A PDF quote will be emailed to you with the price and how to purchase.

Can I upgrade from Sidekiq Pro?

Yes! Current subscribers can upgrade by requesting a quote. Please note that you are an existing Pro subscriber. The quote will not include any Sidekiq Pro credit. If you purchase via a credit card, I will manually refund your card for the amount of Pro credit remaining at the end of your 14 day refund period. If you purchase via invoice, I will add a one-time discount on your first invoice to reflect any remaining Pro subscription credit. If you purchased Sidekiq Pro 6 months ago for $950, you'd get $475 in credit.

Enterprise customers also have access to Sidekiq Pro 2.x and greater so the upgrade is as simple as changing the Gemfile source URL. Your application code does not need to change at all.

You will lose access to the Pro gem repository two weeks after you gain access to the Enterprise gem repository so you do need to change your URL promptly. Any applications which access the gems via an Enterprise URL count in the Enterprise subscription thread count. If you wish to continue using Sidekiq Pro in some applications without counting against your Enterprise thread count, you must maintain a separate Pro subscription.

Can I distribute Sidekiq Pro or Enterprise to my customers?

This is a common requirement for "on-site installs" or "appliances" sold to large corporations.

The standard license is only appropriate for SaaS usage as it does not allow distribution. Sidekiq Pro and Enterprise have an Appliance license option which does allow you to distribute them. The Appliance license is $9,500/yr for Pro and $19,500/yr for Enterprise. It allows you to distribute the Pro or Enterprise gems as part of your application and each of your customers to run Sidekiq Pro or Enterprise with up to 250 threads as part of your application only. Email to purchase.

Can you transfer a license?

Licenses are not transferrable to another company. We will transfer the license from a user-specific email to a group email address (e.g. -> but only for the same domain. It is strongly recommended that you buy the license using a group email address so the license is not attached to any one employee's email address.

What does the license require me to do?

Your purchase gets you unique access credentials for downloading the Pro and/or Enterprise gems. The license agreement requires you to keep these access credentials private. If we find your access credentials are ever publicized:

  1. We'll send you a warning email with details. You need to remove the content and send a new email address so we can generate new credentials for you. The old credentials will stop working immediately so you'll need to update your apps.
  2. If your credentials are publicized a second time, we reserve the right to permanently remove access (but won't unless it's really egregious - sloppy contractors happen).

Can I get a refund?

Yes, up to two weeks after purchase. Let us know the reason and maybe we can help but either way it's not a problem. Email

How do I update my info?

If you purchased Sidekiq Enterprise via invoice, each annual invoice is paid separately so you'll enter your CC info each time. Email if you need to update the email or other info.

If you purchased Sidekiq Pro (login) or Sidekiq Enterprise (login) with a credit card, log into Plasso with your account's email address. You should be able to update your email address or click the Billing tab to update your card info. Use an email list so employee turnover doesn't cause your subscription to lapse.

I can't provide support for the Plasso website and don't have the ability to edit customer info - if you can't log in or change your credit card, you can always let your current subscription expire and purchase a new subscription.

Can I request a change to the license terms?

Sidekiq Pro is sold as is, no change to terms. Sidekiq Enterprise customers purchasing 200 threads or more can ask for changes to the terms and conditions. Email your concerns and we can negotiate something.

Can I pay via invoice and purchase order?

Sidekiq Pro is credit card only, no exceptions.

The base price for Sidekiq Enterprise is credit card only. Only exception is for legacy invoice customers who remain in good standing by paying within the NET15 terms.

Customers who purchase more than 200 threads ($5000/yr+) can pay via invoice, get better payment terms or make monthly payments on a credit card.

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