Ent Historical Metrics

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Sidekiq Enterprise v1.1+ has the ability to send queue processing metrics to Statsd for dashboards and historical reporting.


In your initializer, add this:

# gem install statsd-ruby
statsd = Statsd.new('', 8125)
statsd.namespace = 'myapp'

Sidekiq.configure_server do |config|
  # statsd must be something which quacks like a statsd-ruby instance
  # history is captured every 30 seconds by default
  config.save_history(statsd, 30)


Sidekiq Enterprise sends the following metrics:

  • sidekiq.processed - Number of job executions completed (success or failure)
  • sidekiq.failures - Number of job executions which raised an error
  • sidekiq.enqueued - Total Size of all known queues
  • sidekiq.retries - Total Retries Size
  • sidekiq.dead - Total Dead Size
  • sidekiq.scheduled - Total Scheduled Size
  • sidekiq.busy - Total Busy Size
  • sidekiq.enqueued.#{x} - Current Size of queue x

The statsd namespace will be prepended to each metric, e.g. "myapp.sidekiq.enqueued".

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