Ent Web UI

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Sidekiq Enterprise 1.5.0+ allows for user-defined authorization within the Web UI; you can define rules for whether a given request is allowed to proceed or not.


You define custom authorization logic at the top of your config/routes.rb, like so:

require 'sidekiq-ent/web'

Sidekiq::Web.authorization do |env,method,path|
  # env == the Rack env for this request
  # method == 'GET', 'POST', 'DELETE', etc
  # path == env['PATH_INFO']

  user = nil # you'll need to define how you get access to the current user

  # non-admins only allowed read-only GET operations
  method == 'GET' || user.admin?

Your authentication library will determine how you get access to the current user. If you use a popular authentication library like Devise, Warden, Sorcery, etc, feel free to update this wiki page with how you access the current user.