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Sidekiq Pro collaboration

mperham edited this page · 3 revisions

Collaboration is difficult because of Pro's closed source, commercial nature but I do want to keep as much of the OSS ethos as possible available to customers who want to fix it themselves.


In order to unambiguously own and sell Sidekiq Pro, I must have the copyright associated with the entire codebase. Any work you do which is incorporated into Pro must be owned by me. That's not me trying to be a jerk, that's just the way it works.


If you wish access to the Sidekiq Pro repository so you can send a PR, just open a new Sidekiq issue and include the following info:

  1. the email address that bought the Pro license, a max of one Pro collaborator per license
  2. the following statement "I assign all rights, including copyright, to any future Sidekiq Pro work by myself to Mike Perham"

You should be granted access to the private repo soon after.


  1. You should never work on the master branch. Only I may merge changes.
  2. I may revoke access for any reason at any time. Access is not guaranteed by purchase of Sidekiq Pro.
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