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James Webb Space Telescope PSF simulation tool
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WebbPSF: Simulated Point Spread Functions for the James Webb Space Telescope

WebbPSF produces simulated PSFs for the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's next flagship infrared space telescope. WebbPSF can simulate images for any of the four science instruments plus the fine guidance sensor, including both direct imaging and coronagraphic modes.

Developed by Marshall Perrin, Joseph Long, and collaborators, 2010-2015.

Documentation can be found online at

WebbPSF requires a large amount of input data for its simulations, including optical path difference (OPD) maps, filter transmission curves, and coronagraph Lyot mask shapes. These data files are not included in this source distribution. Please see the documentation to download the required data files.

This is intended to be an Astropy affiliated package.

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