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Howto build and use the ttorrent library
This Java implementation of the BitTorrent protocol implements a BitTorrent
tracker (an HTTP service), and a BitTorrent client. All dependencies are managed
by maven. The only dependencies of ttorrent-core are:
* the slf4j logging library
* the SimpleHTTPFramework
* the Apache Commons (Codec and IO)
The CLI module also depends on:
* the log4j library
* the jargs library
Building the distribution JAR
Simply execute the following command:
$ mvn package
To build the library's JAR file (in the core/target/ directory). You can then import
this JAR file into your Java project and start using the Java BitTorrent
This will also create a shaded JAR (in the cli/target/ directory). You can then use
this JAR file in conjunction with the three scripts in the bin/ folder. Each script
allows execution of one of the following entry points:
* ClientMain - for running a torrent client
* TorrentMain - for creating .torrent files
* TrackerMain - for running a tracking server