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Put on a maven repo #12

Raynes opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Could you put ttorrent in a maven repository somewhere? This makes it much easier to use.


That's a very good point. I'll see what I can do!

@mpetazzoni mpetazzoni was assigned

I've decided to put ttorrent on a temporary public repository until the project owner facilitates this feature. Snapshots are automatically updated with the latest github revision.

Meanwhile I would suggest @mpetazzoni to look at:


Yeah I've been looking at this recently as we've started using Maven a bit more extensively within Turn. Hopefully I'll have ttorrent up on the central repository soon. Hang tight.


I wonder, did you at the end put ttorrent into a maven repo?


Sorry not yet. I've made some progress through the list of requirements but I still have a few to nail down (GPG signature, -javadoc.jar and -sources.jar, mainly).

Thanks for pinging on this, it helps putting it back on my radar.


I started working on this a bit. The artifact is on Sonatype's staging Maven repo for now. I need to work on producing the -sources.jar and -javadoc.jar and then use the release plugin to cut a release that can be synced to Central.


If your company doesn't have a build server of its own you could use a free alternative ( ) It will poll git for changes and can be set to automatically push successful builds to a maven repo.


We have an internal CI (Jenkins) that we'll use for that. It's really mostly a matter of POM config at this point. I have project approved on Sonatype already.


what ever happened with this?


Ok, snapshots have been deployed, I'm working on staging a release right now.


ttorrent-1.4 has been released. It will get synced to Maven Central in a few hours (first sync takes a bit longer because it goes through review). I'll close the issue as soon as I've confirmed the artifact is available from the central repository.

@mpetazzoni mpetazzoni closed this issue from a commit
@mpetazzoni Add documentation about declaring ttorrent as a POM dependency
With ttorrent now being available on Maven Central, this closes #12.

Signed-off-by: Maxime Petazzoni <>
@mpetazzoni mpetazzoni closed this in 9550b79
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