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Apr 01, 2012

  1. Michael Peters

    adding errors_only flag

  2. Michael Peters

    Adding "metacpan check" command

    This is a basic first draft to make it easier to see what info we have
    in the elasticsearch index for modules. Can be extended later to
    include releases, authors, files, etc.
  3. Florian Ragwitz

    Make the bug summaries less restrictive

    Instead of having a summary entry have an arbitrary type, such as "rt", make it
    point to the source of the aggregated data using a "source" attribute
    containing, preferably, full URLs,
    Additionally, don't *require* all sorts of different attributes to be supported
    by every bug tracker we want to summarise. Just require the basics, but allow
    for additional attributes to be provided.
    rafl authored oalders committed
  4. Moritz Onken

    index all available meta data from rt bug report

    monken authored oalders committed
  5. Moritz Onken

    use bulk indexing

    monken authored oalders committed
  6. Moritz Onken


    monken authored oalders committed
  7. Moritz Onken

    use Parse::CSV (safe one prereq) and use name as id attribute

    monken authored oalders committed
  8. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    New tests for rt bug counts

    wolfsage authored oalders committed
  9. Florian Ragwitz

    Index bug summary data

    rafl authored oalders committed
  10. Florian Ragwitz

    Parametrise the summary url for easier testing

    rafl authored oalders committed
  11. Florian Ragwitz

    Add the start of a bug summary indexer

    rafl authored oalders committed
  12. Florian Ragwitz

    Add a distribution document

    rafl authored oalders committed
  13. Olaf Alders

    Merge pull request #181 from wolfsage/issue-166-pod-404-2

    Prepend 404 messages with a "Not found: " string, fill in an error (or t...
    oalders authored
  14. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    For running tests - throw warnings and errors to STDERR

    wolfsage authored
  15. Olaf Alders

    Merge pull request #177 from wolfsage/issue-168-pod-indexer-bug

    Issue 168 pod indexer bug
    oalders authored

Mar 31, 2012

  1. Olaf Alders

    Merge pull request #174 from wolfsage/minor-test-fixes-2

    Update fakecpan.t to bail out if Elastic Search is not running.
    oalders authored
  2. Olaf Alders

    Merge pull request #183 from mpeters/web_issue_508

    Web issue 508
    oalders authored
  3. Michael Peters

    This is a better fix for web issue #508 since it asks Archvive::Any

    if the tarball extracted politely. That way we don't remove the path
    from those things that need it.
  4. Michael Peters

    merging from master to simplify .gitignore rules

  5. Michael Peters

    ignore vim swap files

    authored Chris Nehren committed
  6. Michael Peters

    Fixing issue #508

    POD is being lost for modules that only have perl libs in the top level
    directory when they should be in a nested lib/ structure. So don't drop
    the path if the file isn't in a directory if it's a .pm file.
    Not 100% sure this is the best way to tackle this, but it fixes it very
    early on (when the release is indexed) and works for all the modules
    I tested.
  7. Michael Peters

    Merge branch 'master' of

  8. Michael Peters

    ignore vi droppings

  9. Update the dist.ini for the previously committed program

    Chris Nehren authored
  10. Add a program to automate JSON file creation for testing the fakecpan…

    … system. It
    takes a directory on the commandline which is the root of an extracted
    distribution and generates a CPAN::Faker-compatible JSON document on STDOUT.
    Chris Nehren authored

Mar 30, 2012

  1. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Merge pull request #180 from mpeters/master

    Ignore metacpan_server_local.conf
    wolfsage authored
  2. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Prepend 404 messages with a "Not found: " string, fill in an error (o…

    …r the class name) if present.
    wolfsage authored
  3. Michael Peters

    ignore metacpan_server_local.conf file

  4. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into issue-168-pod-ind…

    wolfsage authored
  5. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Don't fail tests the first time they are run because a directory does…

    …n't exist.
    wolfsage authored
  6. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Issue #168 - Respect word boundaries when matching POD sections

    wolfsage authored
  7. Remove executable bit on ./lib/MetaCPAN/Script/

    Chris Nehren authored
  8. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    For test failures - include /var/tmp in the default distribution for …

    wolfsage authored
  9. Matthew Horsfall (alh)

    Add TODO for test that 'randomly' fails, we'll get to it later.

    wolfsage authored
  10. Olaf Alders

    Merge pull request #175 from wolfsage/topic-missing-dep-1

    Include a few missing modules in the dependency list
    oalders authored
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