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branch: rafl/ld_export
Commits on Sep 2, 2010
  1. Florian Ragwitz

    Only export the public symbols in shared libperls

    rafl authored
    Only works on ELF platforms, and does require a linker that understands
    --version-script. That's probably GNU ld only.
  2. In XS_VERSION_BOOTCHECK, correct the flags argument of get_sv() to 0.

    Nicholas Clark authored
    It should not be FALSE, because it's a bitmap, not a boolean.
  3. Change the first argument of Perl_fetch_cop_label() to COP *

    Nicholas Clark authored
    From a suggestion from Ben Morrow.
    The first argument used to be struct refcounted_he *, which exposed an
    implementation detail - that the COP's labels are (now) stored in this way.
    Google Code Search and an unpacked CPAN both fail to find any users of this
    API, so the impact should be minimal.
  4. For the generated, avoid a runtime lexical which is const…

    Nicholas Clark authored
    XSLoader_pm.PL had been resolving $Config::Config{dlext}, and writing it as
    the constant initialiser for a lexical variable in In turn,
    that lexical was used only once, in string interpolation. So the interpolation
    can be done instead at build time.
  5. Abigail
  6. Curtis Jewell Florian Ragwitz

    Sanity check on Errno values.

    csjewell authored rafl committed
    On a few machines (Win32/gcc using mingw64 headers)
    will find a value that is not numeric for a proposed error
    key. This change adds a sanity check to discard such keys.
Commits on Sep 1, 2010
  1. t/lib/ must convert $^X to an absolute path before changing …

    Nicholas Clark authored
    Not every operating system has /proc/self/exe
  2. Tests using t/lib/ need to run in separate directories.

    Nicholas Clark authored
    Commit 8f776ea turned out to be a bit optimistic with
    "should be capable of running in parallel", as the temporary files and
    modules written out by the various test scripts have clashing names.
    Hence run each test a private subdirectory.
  3. Todd Rinaldo Florian Ragwitz

    RT 74444 - emits warnings when installperl is run with…

    toddr authored rafl committed
    … destdir
    running the following produces 7 warnings like this on my system:
    'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/home/build/perl-5.12.0  ./perl installperl --destdir=/var/local/tmp/perl-root'
    Use of uninitialized value $dev2 in numeric eq (==) at ./ line 123.
    replacing == with ~~ (the smart match operator) seems to be the best DWIM fix.
  4. Florian Ragwitz
  5. Florian Ragwitz

    Ignore droppings from lib/h2ph.t

    rafl authored
  6. Florian Ragwitz

    Add test for deprecation warnings from h2ph

    rafl authored
    This makes sure the fix for RT#74404 is working.
  7. Todd Rinaldo Florian Ragwitz

    RT 74404 - h2ph using deprecated goto

    toddr authored rafl committed
    It looks like h2ph makes copious use of global variables. As a result, I can
    commit this evil for a minimal patch. No code was changed moving it into the
    sub other than passing $proto, which is the only non-global used (but not
    I tried a 5.12.0 build with this patch and it seems to be passing tests.
    There is a lib/h2ph.t file but I don't know what it tests exactly.
  8. Stop Tie::Hash->TIEHASH() looping forever.

    Nicholas Clark authored
    This change is analogous to bc37071 in Tie::Scalar, but with far fewer
  9. iabyn

    pp_match: fix confusing layout in an if()

    iabyn authored
        if ((    !global
    rather than
        if (    (!global
    made it hard to follow the precedence.
    Tidy up the rest of the expression while I'm at it.
  10. iabyn

    Copy RE capture buf on overload as well as TEMP

    iabyn authored
    Partial fix for [perl #77084]. Sometimes pp_match makes a copy of the
    original SV's string for the later use of $1 et al; in particular if the
    SV is TEMP (so will soon go away).
    Make it do the same if the SV is overloaded, as the string return is most
    certainly temporary!
    (Also tweak the tests to make them more likely to fail on badness by
    creating new stings that will likely reallocate freed buffer).
  11. Florian Ragwitz

    perldelta up to 137127d

    rafl authored
  12. t/harness can run the tests lib/*.t in parallel with each other.

    Nicholas Clark authored
    All these tests are for different modules, and should be capable of running
    in parallel. Hopefully this will reduce the chance of seeing lib/warnings.t
    running all alone on a multi-core machine.
  13. Florian Ragwitz
  14. Tony Cook
  15. iabyn
  16. iabyn

    fix indentation of MY_CXT #defines

    iabyn authored
    Only whitespace changes
  17. iabyn

    merge two similar MY_CXT code branches

    iabyn authored
    No functional changes
  18. iabyn

    MY_CXT macros: make the two sets of defs similar

    iabyn authored
    Three years ago there was a cut and paste of all the MY_CXT macros
    into a second #ifdef PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE branch with minor
    modifications (Bad programmer! No cookie!). Make the two branches more
    similar in preparation for a partial merge. No functional changes.
  19. Jiří Hruška iabyn

    PL_my_cxt_list leaks

    yirkha authored iabyn committed
    [perl #77352]
    PL_my_cxt_list was never freed
  20. Jiří Hruška iabyn

    Memory leak cloning PVGVs

    yirkha authored iabyn committed
    [perl #77352]
    In S_sv_dup_common, Perl_rvpv_dup was called twice on a non-GP PVGV value,
    causing the first duped value to be leaked
  21. Move the call to Perl_cv_clone() into S_doform(), from its two callers.

    Nicholas Clark authored
    This reduces code duplication slightly, and reduces the object code size.
  22. Refactor Perl_store_cop_label() to avoid exposing struct refcounted_h…

    Nicholas Clark authored
    …e *.
    Instead pass in a COP, as suggested by Ben Morrow. Also add length and flags
    parameters, and remove the comment suggesting this change. The underlying
    storage mechanism can honour length and UTF8/not, so there is no harm in
    exposing this one level higher.
  23. Florian Ragwitz

    Bump blib::VERSION after 3f9bb6b

    rafl authored
  24. Florian Ragwitz

    [perl #77492] open $fh, ">", \*glob causes SEGV

    Father Chrysostomos authored rafl committed
    PerlIO_layer_from_ref must not treat a real glob as a scalar. This
    function was not updated when SVt_PVGV was moved before SVt_PVLV.
Commits on Aug 31, 2010
  1. Correct errors in the use of multiple targets for bitcount.h and uudm…

    Nicholas Clark authored
    The fixes of Makefile.SH in 0f13ebd also need to be applied on Win32
    and VMS.
  2. Florian Ragwitz
  3. Florian Ragwitz

    [perl #77234] Change 649d02d (unary prototypes) changes precedence

    Father Chrysostomos authored rafl committed
    This patch retroactively adds a description of the breakage to
    perl5134delta so it will be copied eventually into perl5140delta.
  4. Florian Ragwitz

    remove dead listexprcom production from grammar

    Zefram authored rafl committed
    The third production of <listexprcom>, "expr ','", could never be invoked,
    because <expr> can already end with arbitrarily many commas.
  5. iabyn

    better silencing of APItest deprecation warning

    iabyn authored
    Commit 95ddc67 attempted to add
    -Wno-deprecated-declarations' to the ccflags for APItest.xs;
    however it ended up deleting existing flags rather than appending.
    Under -DDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS this caused the PerlInterpreter structure
    to have different field alignments in core and APItest.xs. Ouch!
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