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Graphs are ugly, please use Chart::Clicker #2

rassie opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The subject says it all! Thanks!


Yes, the charts are ugly and yes Chart::Clicker is better, but I'm actually looking at using something web based (google graphs, open flash charts, protochart, plotr or something like that)to remove our dependencies. But I could be persuaded otherwise if patches appeared :)


Dependencies are not a problem once you manage to get through them once :) My concern with web-based solution is that you never know which sites my corporate network will get blocked next. Oh well, better get patching ;)


I like the idea of using a JavaScript/Canvas based solution, like flot:

Not only would it reduce dependencies, but potentially could represent a decent disk-space saving if the graphs can be generated reasonably on demand in JavaScript.

And a meta-comment: Which tracker is preferred? The github one or the CPAN one? Let's use one and see about shutting down the other. Either would do for me.


Disk space isn't an issue since Smolder doesn't store the images it creates. They are created on the fly and sent to the client, never stored on disk.

And for bug tracking, I think I'm not sure which I prefer. I've never been a fan of RT, but it's very visible from and it's what everyone else is using so there's familiarity. Using this tracker is also nice because it's right there with the source. Want to convince me one way or the other?


I suppose I would go with RT because it is more mature and has more features. For example, "bulk update" is nice. It also has the feature to CC an e-mail address on some correspondence, which Github does not.

As long as the bug count stays low, either will do. :)

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