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@mpetroff mpetroff released this Oct 30, 2016 · 179 commits to master since this release

New Features:

  • Device orientation support for mobile devices
  • Event framework for API
  • Partial panorama background color can now be set using
    backgroundColor parameter
  • Custom hot spots are now supported as are hot spot click handlers
  • Hot spots can now specify target HFOV (targetHfov parameter)
  • Parameter to hide all controls (showControls)
  • Parameter to disable mouse zooming (mouseZoom)

New API functions:

  • Destructor (destroy)
  • Look at position (lookAt)
  • Get current scene ID (getScene)
  • Load scene (loadScene)
  • Add and remove scenes (addScene and removeScene)
  • Add and remove hot spots (addHotSpot and removeHotSpot)
  • Auto rotate start / stop (startAutoRotate and stopAutoRotate)
  • Retrieve current configuration (getConfig)
  • Toggle fullscreen (toggleFullscreen)
  • Get and set north offset (getNorthOffset and setNorthOffset)


  • Pitch and yaw limits are now applied to edge of viewer instead of center
  • Panorama extents can now be set using URL parameters
  • Individual XMP metadata parameters can now be overridden
  • Horizon pitch and roll can now be manually set (was previously only
    supported via XMP metadata)
  • When auto rotate restarts, the pitch and HFOV now return to their
    original values
  • API movements can now be animated
  • Standalone viewer is more mobile friendly
  • Improved touch panning interaction
  • Fragments identifiers can now be used for standalone viewer configuration
  • Blob URLs are now supported
  • Added hot spot debug indicator
  • Video.js plugin now accepts a Pannellum configuration


  • Fixed numerous auto rotate bugs
  • Auto rotate speed is now actually in degrees per second
  • Long error URLs are now properly wrapped
  • Fixed mobile device orientation change bug
  • Fixed Safari fullscreen bug
  • Fullscreen now works in IE
  • Fixed Chrome bug where hot spots appeared above controls
  • Scene fades with multires now work properly
  • Hot spot target pointing now works when set to zero
  • Hot spots without text are now properly handled
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed multires tile loading error
  • Fixed a few URL handling bugs
  • Fixed multires zoom jumping when viewer was resized
  • Title and author are now reset when changing scenes
  • Mouse handlers now work with Hi-DPI displays
  • Minimum and maximum HFOV can now both be set to the same value

Backwards-Incompatible Configuration Parameter Changes:

  • The deprecated tour parameter was removed; tour JSON configuration files
    can be used with the config parameter
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