@mpetroff mpetroff released this Jan 31, 2018 · 48 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

New Features:

  • Translation support
  • Event for when scene change fade completes (scenechangefadedone)
  • Events for touch starts and ends (touchstart and touchend)
  • Added ability to set custom animation timing
    function (animationTimingFunction parameter)
  • Added option for only enable mouse wheel zoom while in
    fullscreen (mouseZoom parameter)
  • Added option to set title and author displayed while the load button
    is displayed (previewTitle and previewAuthor parameters)
  • Mouse and touch dragging can now be disabled (draggable parameter)
  • Added option to disable keyboard controls (disableKeyboardCtrl parameter)
  • CORS setting can now be configured

New API functions:

  • Check if image is loaded (isLoaded)
  • Method to update viewer after it is resized (resize)
  • Set horizon pitch and roll (setPose)
  • Turn device orientation control on and off, check if it is supported, and
    check if it is activated (startOrientation, stopOrientation,
    isOrientationSupported, and isOrientationActive)
  • Method to retrieve viewer's container element (getContainer)


  • Double-clicking now causes the viewer to zoom in (and back out when
    double-clicking while zoomed in)
  • New lines are now allowed in hot spot text
  • Support for HTML in configuration strings can be enabled when using
    the API (escapeHTML parameter)
  • Fallback cursor is provided for browsers that don't support SVG data URIs
  • Image type configuration parameter is now validated
  • Optional callbacks added to lookAt, setPitch, setYaw, and setHfov
    API functions
  • Scroll events are now only captured when they're being used
  • Viewer object is now assigned to a variable in the standalone viewer
  • Hot spots can now be added with API before panorama is loaded
  • Viewer UI is now created in a container element


  • Fixed race condition when scene change hot spot is double-clicked
  • Fixed bug with preview image absolute URLs
  • Removed redundant constraints on yaw in API
  • Tabbing now works, and only events for keys that are used are captured
  • Fixed bug in HTML escaping
  • Fixed bug that sometimes occurred when orientationOnByDefault was true
  • Yaw no longer changes when device orientation mode is activated
  • Fixed iOS 10 canvas size too big issue
  • Fixed iOS 10 NPOT cube map issue
  • Hot spots added via API are now permanent between scene changes
  • Fixed multiple bugs with removing event listeners
  • Fixed bug with multiresolution tile loading
  • Fixed sameAzimuth target yaw not working when northOffset wasn't set
  • Fixed bug yaw out of bounds in mouseEventToCoords
  • Fixed bug with animateMove function
  • Fixed bug with scene change fade
  • Yaw animation is now always in the shortest direction
  • Fixed bug related to removing hot spots